The Venue Spotlight Series | April: Anew

About the Venue Spotlight Series:

Amanda (of Amanda Tindall Photography, LLC) and I are excited to have you here for another edition of the Venue Spotlight Series. Through this series, we will shed a different light on both new and established local venues by sharing the stories and intricacies behind them. You won’t see pricing, capacity, or amenities here. Instead, you’ll find out what the venue owners are passionate about and get a unique perspective on the venues themselves through photographs of them in their bare-bones, wedding-free state. Our hopes are two-fold: that you will not only connect with these venues, but that you will discover that every venue is a blank slate that you can fill with your creativity.

Introducing our next Venue Spotlight….

April: ANEW

ANEW is not, and never will be, solely a wedding venue. Built in 2012 by Big Brothers Big Sisters of Eastern Missouri atop their headquarters in downtown St. Louis, ANEW was always meant to be a place to strengthen relationships amongst family, friends, and community.


Everything, from the name to the building, has deep-seeded meaning for the venue. Built in the renovated Woolworth building, a sit of historic sit-ins and protests, ANEW gives a unique chance to rewrite history. Nobody says it better but ANEW’s CEO:

“The name ANEW is also related to our work. The new fourth floor rooftop faces the east, so when the sun rises on it, the day is anew. When we welcome people to the table to sit with us (unlike this building’s troubling past), this building is anew. And, when we gather together and enjoy each other’s company, our relationships are anew.”

In true Venue Spotlight Series fashion, ANEW is a gorgeous blank space. Couples wanting a beautiful intimate wedding that they can make their own should look no further than ANEW. With it’s minimal white walls, light grey flooring, gorgeous refurbished barn tables by Rustic Grain, and floor to ceiling windows overlooking Downtown St. Louis, this venue screams “Make me your own!”.


What are they passionate about?


More than anything, ANEW is passionate about community. Community is the reason ANEW was built and is the deciding force in what the space becomes. ANEW has been transformed into art galleries, fashion shows, and many gorgeous weddings all because it was what the community wanted and needed at the time. ANEW creates a unique opportunity to not only bring the Big Brothers Big Sisters mission to more people, but also allow the community to support Big Brothers Big Sisters. No matter the type of event, the entire rental fee for ANEW goes straight to Big Brothers Big Sisters to continue their amazing work in the St. Louis community.


If you are interested in learning more about ANEW and their many passions, please check out their website here:

Have a wonderful #VenueSpotlightSunday and make sure to check back in May for our next edition of the Venue Spotlight Series.

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