The Venue Spotlight Series | March Bonus Post: Majorette

About the Venue Spotlight Series:

Through this series, Amanda (of Amanda Tindall Photography, LLC) and I will shed a different light on both new and established local venues by sharing the stories and intricacies behind them. You won’t see pricing, capacity, or amenities here. Instead, you’ll find out what the venue owners are passionate about and get a unique perspective on the venues themselves through photographs of them in their bare-bones, wedding-free state. Our hopes are two-fold: that you will not only connect with these venues, but that you will discover that every venue is a blank slate that you can fill with your creativity.

This month, we have a very special bonus post for you! Originally we were going to have a double feature for March, but this venue was so different from Boo Cat Club, we knew we had to shine a separate spotlight on it!

Introducing our BONUS Venue Spotlight….

March: Majorette

Majorette was born from the same artistic eye as Boo Cat Club. The owners, Pat & Carol, were able to see past the drab cubicle and carpet clad building that used to inhabit a telemarketing firm and visualize its potential to become a gorgeous space for celebrations of all kinds.


Much like most of the venues we highlight here, Majorette achieves that blank space feel with it’s white walls, grey flooring, and large open spaces. It’s fantastic mezzanine, grand staircase, and multitude of textures give the space that extra “wow factor”


At Majorette, they are committed to making this “the place where all of your ideas can take center stage” and hope that the venue will be every couple's blank canvas to create their own wedding.


What are they passionate about?


Like Boo Cat Club, Majorette was bought from the spontaneous desire to bring to life a forgotten about place. Throughout its short 2 years as a venue, Majorette has gone through many changes brought about by spontaneity and the desire to make this a venue that everyone could enjoy. They hope that each couple that gets married here will have that same spontaneous spirit and make this venue their own by switching things up and doing things their own way. 


If you are interested in learning more about Majorette and their many passions, please check out their website here:  

Make sure to check back in April for our next edition of the Venue Spotlight Series.

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