The Venue Spotlight Series | February: The Old Post Office

About the Venue Spotlight Series:

Through this series, Amanda (of Amanda Tindall Photography, LLC) and I will shed a different light on both new and established local venues by sharing the stories and intricacies behind them. You won’t see pricing, capacity, or amenities here. Instead, you’ll find out what the venue owners are passionate about and get a unique perspective on the venues themselves through photographs of them in their bare-bones, wedding-free state. Our hopes are two-fold: that you will not only connect with these venues, but that you will discover that every venue is a blank slate that you can fill with your creativity.

Introducing our next Venue Spotlight….

February: The Old Post Office

Built during the Civil War Era, the Old Post Office is one of the oldest buildings in St. Louis. After many years and renovations, the building was restored to its original state and opened back up to the public in 2006.


While most are familiar with the gorgeous façade, the Old Post Office is truly breathtaking inside. All types of textures, from brick, concrete, iron, wood, and glass, catch your eye at every turn and unique sweeping views from the bottom floor to the top of the clear roof create a feeling of beautiful elegance.


While couples in love with architecture, history, or the spirit of St. Louis can automatically see the appeal of this venue, couples searching for a blank slate venue to make their own should open their hearts and eyes to The Old Post Office as well.


With the Lobby, Atrium, and Gallery all available to rent, there are many ways to mix and match where the ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, and dancing all take place. There are nooks and crannies throughout the venue (such as the history museum that is open every event!) that guests can run off to for some quiet mingling, the stairs can be utilized for unique focal pieces, and the 3 different floor levels can be used to create a multi-level party. The DESCO group is committed to making every wedding unique and therefore allows set up on the Friday before, giving every couple the much-needed time to decorate and truly make their wedding their own.


What are they passionate about?

It should come as no surprise that the owners of the Old Post Office are passionate about…


When the DESCO Group took over in 2000, they spent 6 years restoring the Old Post Office back to it’s original state. Their passion can be seen throughout the building, where pieces of historic St. Louis can be founding in photos, art installments, architecture, and little details, like the antique elevator floor indicators and original mailboxes in the lobby. It can also be felt throughout every wedding, as the venue that they put so much work into shines as the backdrop.


If you are interested in learning more about The Old Post Office and their many passions, please check out their website here: 

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