The Venue Spotlight Series | March: Boo Cat Club

About the Venue Spotlight Series:

If you haven’t been along for the journey the past two months, Amanda (of Amanda Tindall Photography, LLC) and I are excited to have you here for the 3rd edition of the Venue Spotlight Series. Through this series, we will shed a different light on both new and established local venues by sharing the stories and intricacies behind them. You won’t see pricing, capacity, or amenities here. Instead, you’ll find out what the venue owners are passionate about and get a unique perspective on the venues themselves through photographs of them in their bare-bones, wedding-free state. Our hopes are two-fold: that you will not only connect with these venues, but that you will discover that every venue is a blank slate that you can fill with your creativity.

Introducing our next Venue Spotlight….

March: Boo Cat Club

Built for artists in the early 1900s, Boo Cat Club has a unique quality that makes it especially interesting for couples who want to create a space all their own – its full history is unknown and the owners are willing to let you come up with its story for your guests!


While it’s known that Louis C. Spiering, an architect for the World’s Fair, designed and built Boo Cat Club and that many famous artists displayed their work or performed on stage, parts of the building, such as 'The Catacombs', have no recorded history. This means that every couple can make this venue's history pair perfectly with their wedding. 


Beyond its unique history, Boo Cat Club offers several rooms that couples can utilize however they see fit. While each room features white walls to give them a more blank space feel, the artistic expression that you would expect from an Artist Guild’s building can be found within the venue’s peculiar, but somehow subtle, flooring, lighting, and décor pieces.


 What are they passionate about?


The owners of Boo Cat Club are artists whose favorite medium is their venue. Boo Cat Club is ever-changing as they constantly add on to continue reviving it. They encourage their couples to get creative with them and use the space in a way its never been used to tell their stories their way. 


If you are interested in learning more about Boo Cat Club and their many passions, please check out their website here:

Have a wonderful #VenueSpotlightSunday and make sure to check back in April for our next edition of the Venue Spotlight Series.

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