The Venue Spotlight Series | May: Stone House of St. Charles

About the Venue Spotlight Series:

Amanda (of Amanda Tindall Photography, LLC) and I are excited to have you here for another edition of the Venue Spotlight Series. Through this series, we will shed a different light on both new and established local venues by sharing the stories and intricacies behind them. You won’t see pricing, capacity, or amenities here. Instead, you’ll find out what the venue owners are passionate about and get a unique perspective on the venues themselves through photographs of them in their bare-bones, wedding-free state. Our hopes are two-fold: that you will not only connect with these venues, but that you will discover that every venue is a blank slate that you can fill with your creativity.

Introducing our next Venue Spotlight….

May: Stone House of St. Charles


Like most venues here in St. Louis, Stone House of St. Charles has historic roots but, while the original stone house was built in the 1800's, the venue itself is quite new! Since they purchased the 10-acre plot in 2013, owners Ruth and Mike have been renovating and building. With only a few last minute items to finish up, they officially opened for weddings this year. When looking for a blank space venue to make your own, there is a lot to love about SHSC. With an extremely open floor plan, beautiful light wood walls, gorgeous grey marble flooring, and grey stone accents, this venue gives a different spin on "blank canvas" for their couples.

While there is a lot that Ruth and Mike are passionate about, the one thing stands out the most is their passion to not just make their brides feel special on their big day, but their grooms too. The brides get to utilize the historic stone house as their bridal suite, but the grooms get an entire house as well! 

Scroll through the photos to see just how gorgeous this venue is, and make sure to check out the amazing groom suite!


Bridal House


men's house


sycamore hall


If you are interested in learning more about Stone House of St. Charles and their many passions, please check out their website here:

Have a wonderful #VenueSpotlightSunday and make sure to check back in June for our next edition of the Venue Spotlight Series.

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