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Meet the face behind the clipboard

As a child, adults inevitably ask you one big question... "What do you want to be when you grow up?" I am sad to say I didn't run around telling everyone "I want to be a wedding planner!" (this would be a much better story if I did!). Like 99.9% of kids in the world, I didn't even know what a wedding planner was. I did, however, proudly exclaim "author and illustrator!"

As I got older, I realized I was better at soaking up the words of others than creating my own. And I definitely, definitely couldn't draw. I still had this deep desire to story tell, but no longer had an outlet... and then I discovered wedding planning.

When I signed up to coordinate my first wedding as an intern, I was swept up in the fact that it married (see what I did there?) my two strongest traits: ridiculous meticulousness and streaks of creativity; two traits which are often opposing, coming together to make something beautiful happen. But, after working that first wedding I realized weddings did something else too... they told a story. I had found my calling.

After years interning in my hometown of Pensacola, FL, I moved to St. Louis, MO with my husband and followed my dream of opening my own wedding planning company. Every day I get to plan, design, and coordinate gorgeous weddings that tell couples' unique love stories and I couldn't imagine a better job. Through my dream job, I am able to make your dream wedding come true, and that’s honestly all I could ever ask for.

When I'm not working, you will probably find this homebody snuggled up at home with my husband and my pup. My interests are vast and I am uniquely passionate about nearly everything. I get easily excited about every single topic and could talk about music, movies, books, and weddings for forever. Some things I love include:

  • collecting quotes like others collect stamps

  • binge-watching television, because waiting a week in between episodes is the worst

  • re-reading the same book a dozen times before ever starting a new book on my ever growing TBR list

  • travelling and hiking, although I rarely find the time

  • completing crosswords in pen, just like my father

  • finding reasons to make excel spreadsheets

  • napping on the couch with my pup cuddled on my lap

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